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passive income ideas Blogging is one of the major and popular online businesses you can go into with little capital and start making passive income from your home. Some bloggers earn above $50,000 a month blogging, while some earn even more or less. I won’t hype the earning potential of blogging to make you stick around. Blogging requires lots of time, energy, dedication, and creative input before you start making lots of cash.

Here are 7 profitable and common ways you can make money from your new blog.

1. passive income ideas Earning Commissions from Promoted Products Through Affiliate Marketing


You find an excellent product online that you would love to recommend to your readers. Then you opt-in for the product’s affiliate program and get paid commissions on every product sold through your unique referral link. That’s affiliate marketing in simple terms!

There are high-paying affiliate programs that can fetch you more than $1,000 per sale, and some offer lifetime recurring payments. For example, a typical Forex Affiliate Program can pay you up to $650 per referred client with 20% lifetime earnings of whatever the client makes on the platform.

Affiliate marketing is one of the highest-paying monetization methods you can implement to start making money from your blog irrespective of the number of daily visitors you have (it is the passive income stream for new blogs.) With just 100-500 regular visitors, you can convert at least 5-10 of them depending on the type of affiliate product you are promoting.

The next lesson will teach you how to start making money from affiliate marketing.

2. passive income ideas Placing Banner Ads on Your Blog


Implementing banner ads on your blog can make you reasonable cash only if you have a lot of people visiting your blog daily. The most popular ad network is Google Adsense. Google Adsense intelligently places ads on your blog using high-tech targeting software that displays only the ads a visitor might be interested in clicking. This increases conversion and makes your blog look non-invasive. To get approved by Google AdSense, you need to have a reasonable number of engaging visitors, and your blog should be at least 3-6 months old.

There are other good alternatives to Google AdSense, such as media.netAdPushupInfolinksRevenueHits, and more.

3. passive income ideas Offering In-Demand Freelance Services


You can make money blogging by offering freelance services to your visitors. For example, is a finance blog that teaches people how to start blogging, and one of the ways I make money is by offering high-quality blog building services to my visitors.

Ensure the freelance service(s) you are offering fall in the same niche as your blog. This way, your audience will be more interested in what you have to offer. You might not get any orders if you are offering music production services on a cats’ blog.

Pro Tip-  Open a freelancing account with notable freelance companies like UpworkFiverr, and Freelancer to get more orders from people who need your services asides your blog visitors. Also, link your freelance account to your blog’s service page to gain more credibility and become an authority in your niche. Let’s say you are offering a copywriting gig on Fiverr and you direct your prospects to check out your blog posts as evidence of expertise in the niche, you are likely to get paid more.

4. passive income ideas Creating A Membership Blog


If you have premium content people will want to pay for regularly, creating a membership blog might be a great idea. Here, you will have to create a membership section on your blog where people will have to sign up to access premium content.

All you need to run a membership blog are:

  • A well-designed blog with a couple of free and educative content (this will serve as bait to show people what they stand to gain by subscribing to premium materials).
  • Create a membership section on your blog where people will have to signup and login using a membership plugin like MemberPress.
  • Create a subscription page where people will have to pay before their premium account is activated (most membership plugins come with this option).
  • Integrate a payment method (e.g., StripePayPalPayoneerSkrillbitpay, and more).
  • Set up your automated email sequence using GetResponse.
  • Start creating premium-worthy content.

Asides premium contents, you can make money blogging by offering other membership services like trading signals, online tutorials, access to online tools, and more. Make sure you are consistent, or you might risk losing members.

5. passive income ideas Selling Courses, Podcasts, Webinars or Mentorship Programs


This method of blog monetization is highly profitable, depending on the level of trust you have built with your audience. Most people will pay for anything you have to offer if they know how good and credible you are in the niche. You can get up to 2,000 sales on a $50 course, which will make you $100,000. Sweet, right? Online business ideas

It is not simple to start making lots of cash from your blog through webinars, mentorships, and online courses, you must have the following:

  • A niche-based blog that dishes out great content.
  • A credible track record in your niche to show you are an expert in what you are offering.
  • A good ad campaign strategy.
  • A good number of blog visitors (if you have 100,000 monthly visitors, you are most likely to convert at least 1,000 people.)
  • An outstanding course, webinar, or mentorship program (if your course or program is whack, word will get out, and your subsequent conversion rate will drop.)

Make sure the quality of your content is consistent and not geared towards making money only but dishing out great value.


  • Buzzsprout is the best software for creating and managing podcasts on your blog.
  • Make use of a cool WordPress plugin called LearnDash to create and monetize online courses on your blog.
  • Teachables is a more advanced platform you can use to create and sell your online courses.
  • WebinarNinja is a reliable webinar anchoring and monetization tool.

6. passive income ideas Selling Digital or Physical Products


You can make money blogging by selling a variety of self-owned products to your blog visitors. These products can range from digital products (eBooks, templates, etc.) to physical products (setting up an eCommerce store). The best-selling digital products to monetize are eBooks because they are simple to write and design. Most of the tools you need to create your eBook are free, and there are amazing plugins you can install to help boost sales.

Here are some useful tools to create your first eBook:

  • Pressbooks is a web tool, that looks like WordPress, used to create and edit eBooks.
  • Beacon is a WordPress plugin that converts your blog posts into eBooks.
  • PublishXpress is an online conversion tool that takes DJVU, DOCX, TXT HTML, RTF, and PDF files and converts them into MOBI and EPUB.
  • Microsoft Word
  • iBooks Author is an e-book editing software for making books to sell exclusively on Apple iBooks.
  • Calibre is eBook management software and viewer that will enable you to store eBooks and organize them into a library. It also converts between PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and other e-book formats.
  • Canva is a great design tool you can use to create an attractive eBook cover.

I recommend using WooCommerce to set up a user-friendly online store for your physical or digital products. This eCommerce platform comes with amazing features that will help increase your sales conversion.

7. passive income ideas Allowing People to Post Contents and Display Ads on Your Blog (Sponsorships)


Before you start monetizing through this method, your blog must have a reasonable number of engaging monthly visitors. Here, you can make money blogging by displaying niche-related sponsored posts and ads to your audience. This form of blog monetization is very profitable and common among high authority websites.

A typical sponsored post can range from $500 – $2,000 or more depending on your number of page views, and sponsored ads can pay even more. Depending on how popular your blog is, you can get more than 10 sponsorship offers in a week or a month.

passive income ideass The impressive part about this blog monetization method is that you don’t need to run after companies for sponsorship offers. All you need to do is build up your blog, create a current contact page, and wait for it.

Passive income streams that pays well.

Buy more time to explore new opportunities or hobbies by learning new ways to make money while you flex. 

passive income kudihub

Passive income streams that pays well.

Buy more time to explore new opportunities or hobbies by learning new ways to make money while you flex.

passive income kudihub

Passive income streams that pays well.

Buy more time to explore new opportunities or hobbies by learning new ways to make money while you flex.

passive income kudihub

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